Rental Policies

Renter Information:

Minimum renter age is 23 years.
Renter must hold Driving License for at least one year.
Renter must have a valid credit card.

Additional Driver:

Additional drivers must meet minimum age and requirements. Plus applicable charge.
And name must be included in the rental agreement.

Rental Day:

A rental day is 24 hours. Extra full hours are changed at BHT 200/Hour.
Hours in excess of 4 hours are charged at full day rate.

Extension of Rental:

If you wish to extend your rental beyond the original termination date, it is important that Ruby is advised immediately and the required advance payment is paid so that insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the rental is driving the vehicle without insurance.

Vehicle Return:

Renter is responsible for returning vehicle in the same condition as received to the location and on the specified date, or sooner if requested by owner.
Failure to return the vehicle to the specified location on the due date may result in a drop charge and /or rate change.

The vehicle may be repossessed without notice at renter's expense, if not returned when due, past-due amount, is illegally parked, is used in violation of the law or of this agreement, appears abandoned, or if renter provides false or misleading information at time of rental. If vehicle is not returned when due, or within 24 hours after written or oral demand by Owner renter will be in unlawful possession of the vehicle, and owner may seek issuance of a warrant of arrest for any one in possession of the vehicle including the driver.

Negligent Vehicle Damage:

No driving of ruby vehicles on dirt roads is permitted.
No transportation of any items which can damage or soil the interior or exterior of the vehicle is permitted. This includes transportation of but not limited to the following: paint, chemicals, plants, building or industrial materials, poultry and livestock. Any soiling or damage to the vehicle due to the above will be at hirers expense.

Baby Seat:

Baby seat is available upon requested at BHT 300/Day.


Vehicles are rented out with full tank, which is refilled at the renterís expense on return.
The hirer agrees to return vehicle with the same level of fuel as the first hire date.
The hirer agrees to be charged fuel costs on return of vehicle with fuel level lower than hire date.
In case of fuel being more than hire date there will be no refund.

Additional Terms:

Only drivers identified on this hire contract are permitted to drive the vehicle.
The renter agrees to inspect vehicle prior to usage. Any damage not noted on the damage report is responsibility of renter.
Any vehicle accident or damage must immediately be reported to Ruby Car Rental Co., Ltd.